The Hartron had imagined/envisaged/felt the need of computer education & trainings to the youth of State of Haryana so that they could be a resource for need of the industry in general and that of Electronics-Computer industry in particular in wake of onset of liberal economic scene of country in 1991. To realize this imagination, Hartron had setup Hartron Skill Centers hitherto known as Hartron Work Stations. These centres initially catered to the requirements of industry; thereafter, the mandate of the centres was enlarged by establishing more centres to spread the computer/IT culture in the region as to encompass the stake holders – youth, general masses, women, business, govt. departments etc. and has been delivering justifiably since.

These centers uniformly dot entire state of Haryana through their presence in cities / towns of the state. At present the Corporation is running 81 Hartron Skill Centers in the State & Chandigarh. Skill centers have been instrumental in instilling an IT culture in the state including youth, general masses, women, industry, business, govt. departments etc.

Infrastructure/Facilities at Hartron Skill Centres

Hartron Skill Centres are well equipped and professionally manned centres established at prominent locations of the cities/towns so as to facilitate the students. The physical ambiences of the centre’s are attractive & conducive for the computer/IT learning. Salient features of the HSCs are –

  • Computer Courses as per current IT market
  • CCTV, Biometric Attendance System
  • Excellent Curriculum
  • Well trained and qualified faculty
  • Flexible timings
  • Air-Conditioned Labs & Theory Rooms
  • Latest computer Labs